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Emerald Therapeutic Massage

Research has proven that Massage Therapy offers a wide spectrum of benefits that nearly everyone can take advantage of.  Whether you are looking for stress relief and relaxation or therapeutic massage to aid in the recovery of an injury, call or book online today to discover what you can gain from receiving massage.


Meet Kara

Kara Delaney

Kara Delaney

  Your comfort and safety are paramount during treatments therefore great care and specialized attention are given to each client, including those with injuries, ailments and the elderly.

What Clients are saying

Patty B.

Thank you, I felt very cared for and you provided a very welcoming and relaxing vibe!

Brittany M.

Best massage I have ever had. Will absolutely be returning.

Joanna L.

It was so relaxing that I fell into my thoughts and drifted off to sleep, waking up to a body in less pain.